Thursday, 26 May 2011

MAC Surf, Baby!

MAC is set to launch its Surf, Baby! summer collection in June in Singapore. The tentative release date is next Friday 3 June. Aside from offering a wealth of bronzing options for the perfect sunkissed surfer girl look, there is also a diverse range of vibrant shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips. The white packaging with the hibiscus motif has a Quiksilver vibe and looks much cheerier than the algae green and orange of last summer's To The Beach collection.

Below is the price list. The lipsticks, eyeshadows and lipglasses are $2 more than usual due to the special packaging. As usual, I'm drawn to the teal shades like Surf USA eyeshadow and Blue Noon Powerpoint Eye Pencil, as well as My Paradise Cheek Powder (hoping it won't be too orange!).

1. Lipstick: Naturally Eccentric, Hibiscus, Bust Out!, Mocha (S$30)

2. Lipglass: Girl On Board, Good Lovin', Strange Potion, Krazy Kahuna (S$30)

3. Pigment: Naked, Melon (S$38)

4. Cheek Powder in My Paradise (S$48)

5. Nail Lacquer: Hangin' Loose, Ocean Dip (S$23)

6. Crushed Metallic Pigment: Summer Stash and Surf The Ocean (S$63)

7. Splashproof Lash Mascara in Blacksplash (S$26)

8. Powerpoint Eye Pencil: Gilded White, Blue Noon (S$30)

9. Eyeshadow: Short Shorts, Sun Blonde, Saffron, Surf USA, Swell Baby (S$30)

10. Bags #1 (S$49) and #2 (S$56)

11. Suntints Liquid Lip Balm: Full of Grace, Pink Tinge, Lilt of Lily (S$30)

12. Skinsheen Bronzer Stick: Tan-Tint, Billionaire Bronze, Gilty Bronze (S$56)

13. Brush #129SH (S$61)

14. Bronzing Powder: Refined Golden, Solar Riche (S$44)

15. Studio Careblend: Gold-go-lightly, Lush-light Bronze (S$48)


Maya said...

Hey Iris,

Any idea when the Fashion Flower collection will be released?

I really wanna get Ever Hip. Missed it the last time with the Liberty collection.

Strange that Flighty and Fashion Flower came out earlier and Fashion Flower isn't released yet!!

Anonymous said...

why are the eyeshadows $30? mmm I thought usual price is only $26?

I've been waiting for this collection for the longest time...

Haru said...

As stated in the post, the slightly higher price is due to the special packaging. I think the eyeshadows are S$28 normally. The eyeshadows in the Fashion Flower collection coming out in July will be S$28 and in the regular black packaging.

Haru said...

hi Maya,
Fashion Flower will be released in July but the exact date is not known yet. said...

i got hibiscus l/s and surf usa e/s. the hibiscus while pretty does not last long without a primer