Thursday, 19 May 2011

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Collection has swatches of some products from the Jill Stuart "Kitten Eyes" summer makeup collection here. The limited edition Blush Blossom #7 Charming Lily looked tempting initially but after seeing the swatches, it doesn't seem all that special. Still, I'd like to try the Lasting Gel Eyeliners.


sizbelle said...

their packaging are as usual princessy. but the light pinkish lips of the model look kinda 'Angelina Jolie" style for this round. Is that a new trend?

Haru said...

Light pink lips have always been very popular in Japan, where the focus is usually more on emphasising the eyes (e.g. through false lashes, eyeliner and mascara) rather than the lips, which are usually more understated. The model also has naturally voluptuous lips.