Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Body Shop Honey Bronze

The Body Shop's "Honey Bronze" summer makeup collection has just arrived in stores in Singapore. Featuring powder bronzers, shimmery dusting powders, dry oil and lipglosses, all infused with fair trade honey and beeswax, the collection is just what one needs to get bronzed and glowing for summer.

The Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder (S$32.90) in #1 Bronze Shimmer and #2 Copper Shimmer are super sparkly. Bronze Shimmer applies as a bronzey gold shimmer while Copper Shimmer has a more rosy pink tint. Personally, I think it's too sparkly to use on the face but it's nice for the décolletage.

The Honey Bronze Lip Nectars and Bronzing Powders didn't really perk my interest. Instead, I zoomed in straight on the Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil, which has been garnering positive reviews online. Thanks to Kas who is a Star Loyalty member, I was able to purchase this at S$31.30 (15% off the normal price of S$36.90).

The plastic stopper helps to moderate the flow of the oil so that it doesn't gush out uncontrollably.

While the dry oil looks shimmery in the bottle, when applied, it gives my skin more of a subtle, healthy sheen. I can't really see any shimmer particles, unless I look very closely. So there is no need to worry that it will make one look like a disco ball.

The oil absorbs easily without any streaking and adds a touch of color to my skin. My skin feels more moisturised without being overly greasy. The scent reminds me of gardenias.

In the photo below, you can see the slight shade difference between the back of my hand versus my fingers where I did not apply the oil.

Below is the ingredients list.

If you spend S$40 on makeup, including one Honey Bronze product, you can get a blush brush worth S$24.90 for free. On top of that, you can get a S$20 voucher with any S$80 purchase. You can view the current list of promotions here.


facesbysarah said...

i tried this at TBS today and was disappointed i didnt see much of a glow on the skin after n i hate the smell :(
but i love the packaging n the size of the bottle! r u gonna b a bronzed goddess, iris? :D

Haru said...

Haha, not an overly bronzed one for sure! I thought this was a nice product to keep my skin moisturizer while giving it a healthy color, as I have some dry patches on my legs and arms.

Kas said...

Sarah: You didn't like the scent? I loved it! I was so tempted to pick it up with Iris too but I'm useless with moisturisers and oils and figured I'd play with it for a little while and then it'll just sit in the drawer!

Iris: I love the Copper Shimmer for the decolletage! Even after wiping it off with a tissue, it was still visible when I got home! I'm thinking about that orangey lip gloss now (but i'm on a lip product ban!)

lizvan said...

i read u weren't interested on the bronzing powder, but could u recommend what shade would be good for NC20? and since it's matte, can it be used for contouring? thanks a lot :)

Haru said...

hi lizvan,
I didn't look at the Body Shop's bronzers in this collection closely but my guess is that you should probably try the lightest shade, 01 Light Matte. I'm really not the best person to ask about bronzers as I don't use them, so it's best to go to a TBS store and ask the SA to help put it on you to see if you like the effect.

Unknown said...

ooo...Looks lovely in the bottle, I think I wouldn't mind a bronzed looking face but not my body! I'm tanned enough all over!

lizvan said...

thanks haru.. i regretted not checking this collection while i was in singapore.. it hasn't been available in indonesia :(