Monday, 20 June 2011

Lunasol Fall 2011

Lunasol will release its Fall 2011 makeup collection on 19 August in Japan.

The collection theme is "Light and Shadow Purification" (光と影浄化) and it consists of the following products:

1. Three Dimensional Eyes: Gradational eyeshadow palettes in 5 variations (5200yen)

2. Eyelid Base (N): In 2 shades (2940yen)

3. Line Styling Eyeliner: Eyeliner in 4 shades (1260yen; 1890yen for holder)

4. Lash Defining Mascara WP: Waterproof volumising and curling mascara (3150yen)

5. Treatment Mascara Base N: Waterproof mascara base (2625yen)

6. Eyelash Curler: Includes one refill pad (1260yen)

7. Eyelash Curler Pad (157yen for pack of 2)

8. Point Make Off N: Eye and lip makeup remover (1260yen for 120ml)

9. Full Glamour Lips G: Lipstick in 5 new shades (3150yen)

10. Full Glamour Liquid Lips: 5 new shades (2940yen)

11. Eyelash: Limited edition false lashes (1575yen)

12. Modelling Cheeks: Limited edition blush quad in 2 variations (2625yen for refill)

13. Nail Finish: 3 limited edition shades (1575yen)

You can see pics of the limited edition eyelash curler, false eyelashes and one of the blush quads on this Japanese blog.

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