Monday, 27 June 2011

Dolly Wink Limited Edition Lash Set

Fans of Tsubasa Masuwaka may be happy to know that the limited edition Dolly Wink lash set from the Kobe Collection will be available in selected Watsons stores starting this week. Priced at S$24.90, the set includes the popular Upper Eyelash #02 Sweet Girly paired with Lower Lash #06 Baby Cute, plus a purple eyelash case. The case usually retails for $9.90 on its own.

The set will be available at the Kawaii Corner in the following Watsons stores.


Cominica said...

OMG, thankk youuu thankk youu for this info!! >_<

Anonymous said...

Hi babe, chanced upon this when I am searching for dolly wink eyelashes. Looking at the price, I dun und y it's so popular as there are many cheaper eyelashes out there. May I ask what is the hype over these lashes and what are dollywink eyelashes known for? Thanks! I'm new to this. I would like natural pretty eyelashes though..!

Haru said...

Dolly Wink lashes are popular basically because they are produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa, a popular Japanese model with a big following for her "gyaru" style. The lashes are mostly more for a dramatic doll-like look.