Monday, 20 June 2011

MAC Cine-Matics Face Brush Kit

Here's a sneak peek of the MAC Cine-Matics Face Brush Kit from the new July issue of Allure magazine! This will be part of MAC's annual Nordstrom-exclusive collection in the US. There is another brush set of mainly eyeshadow brushes (see the pic on Specktra). When I saw the pic, I immediately thought of the lovely Sarah (FacesbySarah) and her many excellent tutorials on vibrant eye combos!

I'm not sure if this will be available in Singapore as the press releases from MAC Singapore for August did not list this. Will update here if I get any news.


BV said...

OMG thank you! This has triggered an instant - I want this moment moment from me. Do you think the colours might bleed a bit though... um... nah, I still want this!


Haru said...

No idea if the colours will bleed as I don't own any coloured brushed by MAC. But I think the bright shades are a great idea as it makes it much easier to pick out the brush you want at a glance :-)

FacesBysarah said...

these are so pretttyyyyy :)