Monday, 27 June 2011

Lunasol Fall 2011 has posted several photos from the press launch in Japan for the Lunasol fall collection. The eyeshadow palettes are all beige-based, playing to Lunasol's strength in creating flattering beige tones. As some may know, the brand's long-running bestseller is Skin Modelling Eyes #1 Beige Beige.


Hachi said...

Just when I thought I was going to retire from buying more eyeshadows, Lunasol releases something like this.... >_<
I think I will cave in this time...

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru,
I wanna buy Jill Stuart Mix Blush. I love coral/ orange tone. Do u have any suggestion to give me? Where can I buy Jill Stuart products? Do u have any frds or website that selling JS products with reasonable price? I saw one website selling JS in SG but they r selling mix blush for more than SGD 70. Pls help me with that Haru. Thanks in advance

With love n regards.

Haru said...

hi Rosa,
I'm afraid pretty much all the online stores selling Jill Stuart have quite high prices. The best is to ask friends/relatives travelling to either Hong Kong or Taiwan to help you purchase. Hong Kong is the cheapest for Jill Stuart. The mix blush is about S$54 in Hong Kong versus about S$72 in Japan. For coral/orange, perhaps you can try Mix Blush Compact #9 Little Bouquet or #12 Candy Orange.

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru,
Thanks for ur suggestion.So nice of u.Have a nice day,Haru.

with love,
Rosa :D