Thursday, 9 June 2011

Shiseido Fall 2011

This fall, Shiseido will be releasing a new line of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors (3150yen each; 6g) designed by makeup maestro Dick Page.

Set for release on 1 August in Japan, the 12 waterproof Shimmering Cream Eye Colors are formulated with a "smooth fit base" to last all day while being resistant against sweat and sebum. They contain "jewel reflecting powder", satin smooth pearl, dual optimising powder and micro-matic color pigments for a gemstone-like shine. Model Rachel Zimmerman is wearing PK302 and VI305 in the ad.


makeupmag said...

These are the Hydro Powders redux! I was able to swatch the black one during the SS2011 preview and I'm in love. Waiting for it to arrive! :D

Light Love said...

Can't wait to get these! Do you know if they will be available in the US? :)