Sunday, 12 June 2011

Operation Use It Up

It seems to take me forever to use up products as I'm always getting distracted by trying out new stuff. But I finally managed to finish a small clutch of products this week.

1. Origins Soothing Sea Salts: I actually purchased this more than 4 years ago but just never got around to using it. It has even moved house with me twice! Surprisingly, the salts still maintained their aroma quite well although I didn't find them to be exceptionally soothing. I don't think Origins makes this anymore.

2. Dove Oil Foam Cleansing: I wrote an earlier review here. It does a decent job of removing most makeup except for waterproof mascara but I still follow up with a facial cleanser to ensure that my skin is thoroughly cleansed.

3. The Body Shop Ice Blue Shampoo: This dried out my hair and left it in tangles. Definitely will not repurchase!

4. Lucido-L Designing Pump Hair Jelly (Airy Keep): This works quite well at taming the frizziness and flyaway strands.

5. Penhaligon's Quercus Bath & Shower Gel: From the toiletries kit at the Leela hotel that we stayed in Kerala, this had quite a nice scent and didn't dry out my skin.

6. H2O+ Raspberry Guava Body Balm: I liked the light, non-greasy texture and sweet fruity scent of this body balm.

7. Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner: This was a daily staple of mine for the past few months as it's so quick and easy to use. It lasts extremely well throughout the day. Unfortunately, Watsons no longer stocks it at the moment, although a close substitute is Heroine Make's Smooth Liquid Liner.


Audrey Chuchu said...

Do you prefer the Dolly Wink or Heroine Make eyeliner? I ordered the Heroine Make eyeliner to try out, and want to try the Dolly Wink eventually too.

Haru said...

They work equally well for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

I will be tokyo next month.

Sorry if this topic is not relevant.

Can you advise where to purchase the makeup goodie bags like the its demo bags you mentioned before.

Also where is good for purchase of cheap clothes, any streets in tokyo with those small quaint shops?

Haru said...

You can visit Takeshita Dori next to Harajuku station for shops that sell relatively cheap clothing. It's a shopping street that is very popular with young people.

The makeup goodie bags are usually available only near end of the year in stores like Plaza Style and It's Demo. I wouldn't waste time trying to look for them. It's best just to visit the various drugstores that you come across (there are plenty of them everywhere in Tokyo) and see what's on offer as the selection can vary depending on the store.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, Just to drop you a line that I collected my 20ml sample size bottle of FANCL Cleansing Oil over the weekend. Thank you so much.

Hugs from fwy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shopping tips in tokyo!

Was wondering if canmake eyeliner or dolly wink/Heroine make is better?

I have been searching for a good liquid eyeliner. Am currently using Kate liquid liner.

Haru said...

I haven't tried the Canmake eyeliner so I can't say how it compares to Dolly Wink and Heroine Make. Canmake is probably the cheapest of the three.