Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kate Fall 2011

Kate will also release its fall makeup collection on 1 August in Japan.

It includes:

1. Wide Edge Eyes: Palettes containing 5 eyeshadows for helping to create the wide-eyed look. In 5 variations. (1680yen).

2. Real Touch Pencil: Smudgeproof, highly-pigmented soft pencil eyeliner in 1 shade. This is manufactured through an innovative process of pouring the eyeliner liquid directly into the tube and then letting it solidify. (1260yen)

3. Mineral Loose Foundation: Formulated with moisture veil powder to help keep skin moisturised during the winter, as well as mineral powder that is gentle on the skin and helps to conceal pores. In 3 shades (1785yen)

4. Crystallize Quartz: 1 new eyeshadow quad(1680yen)

5. Dual Blend Eyes: 1 new duo (1365yen)

6. Eyebrow Pencil: 1 new shade (735yen)

7. Rouge High Glam: 15 shades (1470yen)


Lilyeuhh said...

Sounds interesting... Are you planning to buy one of these?
As Lotus Palace has mentionned, it's a shame the quality (espectially pigmentation) and innovation (shades) are not constant through the collections

Haru said...

I probably won't buy any of the new eyeshadows, as Kate's colour combinations are usually not to my taste and I prefer to buy palettes that I can see myself using frequently. I'd like to test out the new eyeliner though to see how it performs.

Jamilla Camel said...

I am going to have my other half pick some of these goodies up for me on his Autumn trip to Tokyo. Thanks for sharing and the kind comment on my blog post!

milktea said...

I like Kate but sometimes their product sizes, especially the 5 gradient e/s turn out to be so tiny.

Pictures of the product really do not give an accurate idea of the actual size.