Thursday, 23 June 2011

Esprique Fall 2011 Base Makeup

Esprique will release its base makeup line on 21 August in Japan and in September in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

It includes:

1. Forming Beauty Pact UV (Moisture): Powder foundation with SPF20 PA++ in 7 shades. The foundation powder particles are coated with hyaluronic acid to help keep skin hydrated.

2. Forming Beauty Liquid UV: Liquid foundation with SPF20 PA++ in 7 shades.

3. Moist Feeling Base UV: "Yogurt touch" hydrating and brightening makeup base with SPF20 PA++.

4. Flat Control Base UV: "Creamy touch" makeup base for concealing pores. SPF25 PA++.

5. Light Control Stick 01: highlighting stick

6. Shade Control Stick 02: shading stick

7. Dual Conceal UV: Concealer duo in 2 variations with SPF30 PA+++.

8. Loose Face Powder: 2 shades

9. Foundation Case

10. Loose Face Powder Case

11. Makeup Sponge: P (for use with powder foundations) and L (for use with liquid foundations)


Jamilla Camel said...

Very tempting!

Anonymous said...

Hi~ Have you had a chance to try any of Esprique's new base makeup yet?

Thank you.

Haru said...

hi there,
No, I haven't tried any of their base makeup yet.