Thursday, 9 June 2011

Summer Beauty Purchases from Lunasol, MAC, Stila and more

Went on a beauty shopping spree today and came home with these new lovelies!

The Lunasol summer makeup collection stocks have just arrived at Takashimaya but the counter has not received the testers or the collection display yet. Although I already have several brown and blue-themed Lunasol palettes, I was still attracted by the softly gleaming shades in the limited edition Ocean Scene Eyes quads (S$77 each).

The Coloring Cheeks EX03 Clear Coral Pink (S$39 for refill) is a sweet peachy coral with very refined sparkles.

I also picked up the Compact Case (Select) N (S$35) to house the blush pan. The case fits four blushes/highlighters, and has holes running down the back to help one pop out the pans. The pans come with a couple gobs of a malleable glue on the back to help hold them in the case. The case has a reflective finish so it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet. The Takashimaya counter still has stock of the older version of the case which has a matte finish and costs S$33.

With the Coloring Cheeks #8 Medium Pink and Illuminating Highlight 01 Sheer Lavender from the permanent range.

The Eye Pencil N EX02 Blue Green (S$43) twists up by turning the end of the pencil so it doesn't require sharpening. This is also limited edition.

Received this Impress skincare trial kit with my purchase.

Over at L'Occitane, I got the new Pivoine Flora Lip Shine in Brun Pirouette (S$28, 8 ml), a lovely shimmering caramel that looks like it has just the right amount of warmth for that "my lips but better" look.

Guerlain Ombre Fusion #3 Maya (S$45, 6ml) is a complex deep brown shade with a gorgeous rich shimmer that builds up very nicely with layering. The texture reminded me very much of the discontinued Eye Fantasists by Beaute de Kose.

At Sephora, I used my $40 rewards voucher on the Urban Decay Blush Brush (S$43).

While I was away in India, Mag very kindly helped me to snag the MAC Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder in My Paradise (S$47) and Surf USA Eyeshadow (S$30). My Paradise sold out in Singapore on the very first day that the collection was launched as the quantities were extremely limited, just like last summer's Marine Life blush.

At Paul & Joe, I picked up the Blotting Paper 2011 (S$6 for 100 sheets) and Emery Board (S$8) from the L'Horizon Bleu collection.

Thanks to another very kind friend, I was able to snag these two mirrors from the June issue of Elle Hong Kong. Just looking at the cheerful tropical fish print makes one smile :-) If only magazines in Singapore came up with such cute freebies instead of yet another cheap tote bag.

A friend in the US helped me to CP the Stila Haute in Hamptons travel palette (US$14) and Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners (US$22).

The eye liners have been garnering excellent reviews online and the shades look stunningly vibrant in real life.

And finally thanks to AhCapp who helped me purchase from Hong Kong the new Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner #5 Gold Shell, the eyeliner brush and Blush Blossom #7 Charming Lily.

I haven't played with any of these products yet except for the Jill Stuart stuff. I'll post more detailed reviews and looks after I've tried them out. My heartfelt thanks to all the friends who helped to make my makeup wishes come true!


Diane said...

The Lunasol LE quads look so pretty, I think the colors are great. I'm loving the tropical theme on the P&J products. I bought the makeup bag that had the whales on it, too cute.

makeupmag said...

And you make and have made many makeup wishes come true too! Will never forget the Japanese makeup wonderland you introduced to so many of us. *hugs*

An excellent, excellent haul - your excitement is palpable and no wonder; there're so many, many lovely makeup gems to play with! Enjoy everything! I'm looking forward to your reviews and swatches! ♥

Jamilla Camel said...

Wow! What a haul - I am positively drooling!

Verlyn said...

I love your haul choices (: Wonder if Sg Stila counter carries Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liners? Hopefully yes.. The Lunasol summer makeup collection is extremely intriguing too!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, very nice. Can't wait for your reviews.

Light Love said...

Wow, how pretty! I love all the products, so summer filled! The LE Lunasol quads are soo pretty, I especially like the first one with the pink and blue! The blush looks very pretty as well! The JS liner in the gold also looks very gorgeous, can't wait to see it on you! <3

meowie said...

the blotting paper packaging is sooo cute!!!
i love reading about your hauls and reviews, they are always so comprehensive and helpful!

Jacqueline said...

Oh my I have been eyeing the Stila sparkle eyeliners. What were the poohed you got? I am lemming Curacao myself. What a great haul!

Style de Nude said...

Wow you got alot of stuff! Sounds like a great shopping trip!

nia said...

superb! love ur haul! everything is so preeety

the urban decay brush looks heavenly :D

pinky with lashes said...

wow awesome stuff! you ever feel like you own too much makeup? do u really use up each and every one of them...i love makeup too but i sometimes feel like its so $$$ draining to keep up with every new collection!... *~*

Haru said...

hi pinkywithlashes,
I don't use up all of my products although I hqve used up some products here and there. If they expire or go bad, I throw them out. The flood of new collections can be overwhelming so my advise is to buy what you really like and know you will use frequently.

hi verlyn,
I haven't seen the Stila eyeliners at the counter in Tangs, perhaps you can ask them to call you if it comes in?

Kas said...

Oh wow! Everything looks so good! The golden Lunasol quad looks soooo pretty and so does the blush! And the 2 Stila liners look fab!
I on the other hand, haven't even photographed my MAC Surf Baby haul!

espenine said...

Please review the Lunasol quads and eyeliner as I am lemming for them. Thank you Haru!

Verlyn said...

Ok noted. Thanks Iris (:

milktea said...

Now that's what I call giving yourself T.L.C.! ;-)

Love the Kanebo e/s quads! And the big compact pan to house them! :-)

luv2smilexo said...

that all looks really lovely!

Vanessa said...

I got my Elle and the lovely Paul & Joe Mirror from Hong kong, and think it's really worth the cost of the magazine. Like what you said, I wish our local magazines can come up with better quality "Free" (some not free,though,since we have to pay extra $)gifts.

Patrizia said...

I was thinking about getting the eyeliner brush from JS, love to see your thoughts :)