Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Beauty Diary haul from *Scape flea market

While heading to Gongcha to get my bubble tea fix yesterday, I chanced across a stall at the flea market at *Scape selling My Beauty Diary masks. Not only did they have the Hello Kitty Honey Strawberry masks that I have been searching high and low for in Watsons, they also had the Damask Rose Ice Cream Masks (done in collaboration with Cold Stone Creamery) and Earl Grey Tea & Macaron. The flea market at *Scape seems to take place quite regularly on most weekends .

Both the Hello Kitty and Earl Grey Tea were S$12 for a box of ten masks while the Damask Rose Ice Cream was S$7 for a box of five. The stall also sold the masks individually at between S$1 to S$2, depending on the scent. In comparison, Watsons is selling the Hello Kitty Strawberry Milk masks at S$16.90. And yes, I did compare the Honey Strawberry masks very closely with the Strawberry Milk masks that I purchased at Watsons to check for authenticity, and everything matched up (e.g. the Sanrio stickers on the box, the embossing of the manufacturing and expiry dates on the mask packets).

The Honey Strawberry version contains a different mix of extracts from Strawberry Milk, like pineapple, lime, cucumber and strawberry. It is recommended for dehydrated, rough skin. Below is the ingredients list.

Damask Rose is part of a limited edition Blooming of Beauty collection done in conjunction with the earlier International Floral Expo in Taiwan. It is supposed to help hydrate and brighten up skin.

The Eary Grey Tea & Macaron is recommended for restoring hydration and elasticity to dull skin that lacks suppleness. It contains extracts of blueberry, sugar maple, orange, lemon peel, rosa canina fruit, acerola fruit etc (ingredients list is below). It is from the Sweet Tea Time collection, which also includes Chocolate Truffle.

All the masks have expiry dates in 2014, which gives me plenty of time to use them up!


. : * justine * : . said...

I love the MBD Hello Kitty masks (especially the strawberry milk ones which remind me of Pocky)! Glad you were able to find the flavour you were missing! Which do you like best between the Strawberry Milk and the Honey Strawberry?

Haru said...

Hey Justine,
I haven't used the Honey Strawberry one yet. I'm not a big fan of the Strawberry Milk scent but the mask works quite well for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi haru, can u tell me the details address . I wanna buy those MBD mask. Especially EGT mask from MBD. Thanks in advance.

Haru said...

I don't have the details of the seller. The flea market was at the open space between *Scape and Cineleisure, next to Toast Box. I've seen the stall selling the MBD masks there a few times so perhaps why don't you try your luck at the next flea (check the *Scape website for their event schedule).

Karen said...


U mention the sponge cleaner bought from daiso. Which is the one? Can u show a pic of it?

Haru said...

hi Karen,
You can see the Daiso sponge cleaner in this post:

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
Thank you so much for the info. ;D Have a nice day, Haru.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,
When did u go to the Scape flea market? Could u pls kindly let me know? Thanks in advance.


Haru said...

Hi Rosa,
I was there last Saturday afternoon (25Jul).

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru,
Next time when u go to flea market, pls post it in ur blog.
Cuz I read ur blog everyday ;). Thanks Haru.


Bun Bun Makeup Tips said...

Awwww how cute! I used to love sheet masks until one day they suddenly BROKE ME OUT. =(

Light Love said...

I'm a super MBD fan, and I hope you enjoy them! <3 Can't wait for the reviews !

milktea said...

Didn't know u were a fellow bubble-tea lover! :-D