Friday, 24 June 2011

Canmake Summer 2011

Canmake will release the following new products on 6 July in Japan:

1. Marshmallow Finish Powder SPF26 PA++: Composed of 72% moisturising and mineral ingredients, this finishing powder helps to create soft marshmallow-like skin. (987yen)

2. Cream Cheek #12: new milky orange shade (609yen)

3. Powder Cheeks: new soft orange coral shade (577yen)

4. Candy Wrap Lip: Lipgloss in 4 shades (609yen)

5. Perfect Brown Eyes: new mocha pink brown quad (819yen)

6. Eye Nuance: #27 Golden Kuchen and #28 Sugar Blue Frappe (609yen)

7. Nose Shadow Powder (714yen)

8. Colorful Nails: 5 new shades (378yen)

9. Shimmer Jelly Eyes: new champagne gold shade (630yen)

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Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the post. I adore the Canmake Cream Cheek!

Anonymous said...

really interested in that powder with the mineral ingredients. really wanna try that out. thanks for the news

Anonymous said...

Marshmallow. Soft, bouncy but powdery. Not desirable.

milktea said...

Nose shadow powder? That's a first for me! :-)
Hope the Cream Cheek #12: new milky orange shade hits Malaysia soon. It's a sweet orange! :)