Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner and Blush Blossom #7 Charming Lily

Thanks to my friend AhCapp, I was able to purchase the new Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner #5 Gold Shell from Hong Kong. As Jill Stuart has not released gel eyeliners before, I was keen to test it out even though my other gel eyeliners tended to languish in my collection after a few uses as I prefer liquid eyeliners which do not require a separate brush.

I paid HK$180 (about S$28.60) for it, which was very reasonable considering that it retails for 2415yen (S$37) in Japan. The frosted glass pot gives it a luxurious feel but the cap feels somewhat cheap and plasticky, unlike the crystal-encrusted cap of the Fruit Lip Balm. The net weight is 3g.

Gold Shell is the only limited edition shade in the five shades released by Jill Stuart as part of the Kitten Eyes summer makeup collection. It is a lovely pale lustrous gold that makes the eyes look instantly more awake.

For this look, I applied it along the lower lashline as well as above my usual black eyeliner along the upper lashline. The formula is creamy and soft. It takes a few strokes to draw the length of the lashline but once it sets, the waterproof eyeliner lasts very well through the whole day without smudging or flaking. It can probably also be used as eyeshadow.

The eyeliner brush (HK$120, about S$19) has a cute crystal charm dangling off it but the metal body of my brush (the part that is covered by the cap) is already showing scratches.

The brush works fine but I don't think it is any better than the gel eyeliner brushes made by Maybelline or Kate. I would have preferred the bristles to be slightly thicker. The tapered cut makes drawing a fine line quite easy .

I also picked up the limited edition Blush Blossom #7 Charming Lily (HK$340; about S$54). The sweet pink shade is pretty but not terribly unique.

When applied, it looks similar to #1 Romantic Sweet Pea (extreme left in bottom row in the pic below) but with better color payoff. It is less red-toned than #3 Lady Amaryllis (middle in bottom row) and not as intense as #4 Seductive Rose (extreme right in bottom row).


Angie said...

what eyeliner did you use? its lined so thin and perfectly smooth..

Haru said...

hi Angie,
I used MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On The Hunt.

Tavy said...

Hi Haru, nice to read yr review on Jill Stuart product.

Do u hv any recommendation of eyeliner brand for beginner like who nv use eyeliner before??

Haru said...

hi Tavy,
I recommend:
Pencil eyeliners - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils

Liquid eyeliner - Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner

Gel eyeliner - Maybelline or Kate

If you find liquid eyeliners too tricky, you can try pencil or gel eyeliners which are easier to control. But I find Heroine Make's Smooth Liquid Liner to also be very easy to use, and it draws a very nice fine line. MAC's Superslick Liquid Eyeliners are also excellent but slightly more difficult to control.

Tavy said...

Oh thank you for yr advice & recommendations!

I also read magazine saying Kate & Maybeline gel is good but I worried that the brush is more difficulties to control. So have pondered many times whether to buy or not?

Hmm... Liquid eyeliner sounds interesting! Will drop by Watson to check out Heroine smooth eyeliner :)

Haru said...

hi Tavy,
Actually gel eyeliner is very easy to apply, as the consistency is smoother than most pencil eyeliners. Many pencil eyeliners can drag against the skin whereas gel eyeliner glides on much more easily and you can also take your time with it. Gel eyeliner also tends to be less messy than liquid eyeliner, which can be tricky to control depending on the brush shape.

milktea said...

Hi Haru. At end of day, does the Jill Stuart gel liner feel crusty or a bit dry on the lower eyelids? Thanks! :-)

Light Love said...

Very nice! I love the color, just the perfect amount of gold w/o looking dark! I love the FOTD! <3

Haru said...

hi milktea,
The eyeliner doesn't get crusty or flakey on me. After it sets, it's dry but not in a bad way.

Tavy said...

Ok, gel eyeliner also sound good!! Hmm... Let me try out both on the counter & see which one more suitable. Think also require a lot of practices to draw a nice eyeliner.

Thank you very for all yr useful advice. :)