Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Jill Stuart Fall 2011

According to, Jill Stuart's fall 2011 makeup collection will be released on 5 August in Japan. The collection includes three nail polishes, a Mix Blush Compact 105 and Prism Carat Eyes, a duo comprising loose pigment eyeshadow and a cream base in 5 variations.

Check out this Japanese blog for more pics of the collection.

Jill Stuart will also release a new Body Scented Mist (3150yen, 200ml) on 1 July in Japan. This is supposed to have a romantic white floral bouquet aroma.


Sheila said...

I'm loving that pale peachy blush! Reminds of that LE peach one that came out a few years ago...

Elaine said...

Looking forward to JS Fall 2011- especially the Prism Carat Eyes. ^^
Good day to ya, Iris!

winterberry_gal said...

I love the 105 mix blush compact too!
Which type of skin-tones will suit this blusher? Fair?

On sale in Japan on Aug 5, that means other countries will have it later?

Any updates of JS launch in SG?


Haru said...

The blush looks quite pale so it probably works best on air skin tones. No news on whether JS will come to Singapore so I wouldn't get my hopes up. It's best to ask friends to help you buy from Hong Kong or Taiwan if you can. You can check the release dates for other countries on the JS websites closer to August.

Audrey Chuchu said...

Hi Haru, this is unrelated to your JS post, but I just wanted to ask: I'm a long-time fan and I follow your blog through my Google Reader, but I've noticed lately the posts don't show any content, not even abbreviated content -- just the post title.
I was just wondering if this was something you did purposefully, or if I might need to switch to another RSS feed reader; I mainly read posts on my phone, so it's rather inconvenient for me to read blogs that way. I usually end up saving the posts to read at home, and then I forget.

Thanks in advance! I love your thoughtful reviews and your timely information about new releases.

Haru said...

H Audrey,
I had to change my feed settings because another website was blatantly stealing all my posts in their entirety through th feed. My apologies for the inconvenience but until people stop stealing my work, I have to keep the feed settings as it is currently.