Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Gransenbon Gran de Eyes

Picked up some Gransenbon Gran de Eyes palettes yesterday. From left to right are #2 Golden Glace, #14 Maple Berry and #8 Mermaid Kiss. #8 was actually discontinued sometime ago but it is quite similar to the new #17 Glamorous Love. I'm also lemming #1 Urban Rose, a very pretty berry-toned palette, but as it was out of stock, I'll have to get it another day.

These palettes are tiny! But I like how compact and portable they are. They are about the same size as a Kiss palette but in a much more elegant case with a pink metal lid. The texture and colour payoff is also very similar to the Kiss palettes except that all the shades in the Gransenbon palettes are powder eyeshadows. Each palette comes with a double-ended sponge-tip applicator. I've found that these sponge tip applicators look flimsy but they are actually much better than brushes for applying these eyeshadows as they help to 'pack on' the colour for greater intensity whereas if I use a brush, I need to apply several layers to get the same level of intensity. The colour combinations are pretty, feminine shades that complement one another well. These are 1680yen each, which is not too bad as it comes up to still less than the price of one MAC eyeshadow :-)

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Anonymous said...

great reviews, can't wait to check them out!