Sunday, 8 April 2007

Aube Summer collection

I also got to play with the testers of Aube's summer collection today in the store. The collection comprises 8 shades of Gloss Fruitina, a lipgloss that has Swarovski crystals on the cap and a new Jewellery Shower Eyes #35 with grey, pink and white eyeshadows. To be honest, this collection is a disappointment. Most of the Gloss Fruitina lipglosses have almost zero colour payoff so all you get is a glossy sheen on your lips. The two limited edition shades also contain glitter which I just hate in lipglosses.

From left to right in the photo below:

#11 Lychee Syrup - looks white in the tube, applies totally clear with no shimmer

#12 Mint Breeze - looks like a very pretty and super shimmery light mint in the tube but also applies without any colour, only shimmer.

#13 Mango Honey - looks like a pale shimmery golden beige in the tube and applies only with the barest hint of beige

#14 Frozen Berry - looks like a pale shimmery floral pink in the tube but also applies with only the barest tinge of pink so you see more shimmer than colour.

#15 Mandarin Crush - looks like a vibrant shimmery orange in the tube. This has much better colour payoff than the rest when applied. Shows up as a shimmery golden peach.

#16 Cherry Drop - looks bright red in the tube and has less shimmer than some of the other shades. This applies as a cherry red tint.

EX01 Pink Guava (limited edition) - This appears baby pink in the tube and applies as a more creamy baby pink than #14. But it has glitter.

EX02 Peach Nectar (limited edition) - This appears a light peach in the tube and has somewhat better colour payoff than most of the other shades but it also has glitter.

I've been a big fan of Aube's Jewellery Shower Eyes series as they have the most beautiful iridescent shimmer and excellent texture. Sadly, there is only one new palette for summer and it's not as interesting as the earlier palettes. The white shade is just like any other white highlighter shade while the light pink shade is so pale, it hardly shows up as pink but more like a pinkish white which to me is just useless. I like my eyeshadows vibrant! The grey shade is an average medium grey that is not as pretty as the grey shade in Testimo's Gran Shin Eyes #2 palette. The photo on the official website is quite true to life.

You can view the collection on the official website at

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