Friday, 6 April 2007

Tarte on QVC

Tarte has quickly become one of my favourite American makeup brands over the past 2 years due to their ingenious products with gorgeous lilac packaging and fuss-free philosophy that makeup should be both fun and easy. Every new seasonal collection always has something totally innovative and unique, unlike other makeup companies that often just rehash the same gamut of shades and slap new labels on old products. Tarte is having a show on at 4pm to 5pm on Friday 6 April so do watch it if you can as Tarte's creator, Maureen, will be on the show and she's always a joy to watch. (You can watch the programme live online at the QVC website.) The new product for the show is likely to be the Spring Fever 5-piece trend set which includes a mini Blushing Bride cheek stain, Lip Sheer in Spring Fever (pink berry), a brand new Eyeshadow Duo in North Island (shimmery shell and plummy taupe), Eyeliner in Waterlilies (charcoal) and a Brush with Greatness double-ended eyeshadow brush. All for the great price of just $40 (but there is a $4.46 handling charge on top of that).

There are many other great deals exclusive to QVC, such as the All Eyes Palette with 2 brushes ($45), Little Black Dress Palette with 2 brushes ($45), Sweet Cheeks 4 piece mini cheek stain set ($25), Vitamin Infused Lip Gloss Trio Powered by Borba ($45), Lip Locked Lip Gloss Trio of Danny & Sandy, Bogey & Bacall, Elle & Emmett ($30). The Vitamin Infused Lip Gloss Trio is a great deal considering that each lipgloss retails for $21 on Sephora. Same for the Lip Locked Lip Gloss as the lipglosses usually cost $19 each. also has a Good Life Mini Cheekstain set that has only 3 mini cheek stains and that costs $30. I have a soft spot for Tarte's eyeshadow palettes which contain 8 full sized eyeshadows that allow you to create a wide variety of looks. The brushes are also excellent quality with very soft bristles.

Another outstanding feature of Tarte is that it is the only cosmetics company that I know where the staff actually regularly interact with the customers on their own messageboard. The Tarte ladies are always helpful, kind and gracious. They epitomise the witty, quirky and independent spirit of Tarte. This is one makeup company that I hope will never sell out to the big conglomerates.

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