Friday, 6 April 2007

Gransenbon Gran de Corte Luxury

Gransenbon is another one of those little-known Japanese drugstore brands that has a number of great products at fairly affordable prices. It is made by Cuore Cosmetics which also makes K-Palette, another drugstore brand. I first got into Gransenbon just two months ago when I was deeply impressed by their new blushes in the Gran de Brush range (it's printed as "Brush" on the case. This is a frequent error in Japanese-English translations as there is no 'l' consonant in the Japanese language. So lipgloss becomes "lipgross" etc.)

This time, they are revamping their face powders. The new Gran de Corte Luxury will be released on 18 May in Japan and it comes in 3 shades. In the revamped version, there is a separate compactment under the powder for the brush which makes it a lot more convenient compared to the previous version in which the brush came with its own soft plastic case. 2415yen each.

#1 Silk Moon: for covering skin discolorations and creating a glowy, celeb-like look
#2 Nude Flower: for improving translucency of the skintone and creating a feminine, elegant glowy look
#3 Platinum Tiara: for emphasizing your bone structure and creating a healthy glow

Another new product is the Premium Curl Mascara #1 Glossy Black which is described as a waterproof glossy, vivid black non-fibre based mascara that is great for separating and curling. It has a coil brush applicator. 1575yen.

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