Monday, 2 April 2007

Shu Uemura Summer 2007 collection

Release date is 18 May in Japan but the flagship store in Omotesando will have it starting 2 May.

1. Bronzers in 2 shades, 4200yen
2. Eyeshadow palette in Sunset Prism (orange, lilac, gold) and Sunrise Prism (turquoise, emerald, yellow), 3675yen
3. Nail Enamel in Turquoise Lagoon, Lime Blaze and Golden Sand, 1575yen.
4. Precise Volume Mascara Waterproof in Azure Ocean, 3360yen

I love the shade names but this collection just doesn't seem that exciting to me. To be honest, I find the quality of Shu Uemura makeup to be a bit uneven. Some of their eyeshadows are velvety with an amazingly rich texture, like the much beloved ME945 but some of their limited edition palettes are just outright strange colour combinations or have an unusually mediocre texture. I remember the one from Summer '06 being strangely hard and dry to touch although the Christmas palettes were much better. Hopefully the palettes in this collection will be improved as well as the colours do look lovely and vibrant. The price is a tad high though for such a small eyeshadow palette. Their blushes are the same size and shape but only 2625yen. So they're asking us to pay an extra 1050yen for..... what? The last time I purchased something from Shu was the Shu by Ai Cleansing Oil Fresh bottle. Now if Shu came up with more whimsical designs like that, I'd be back at their counter in a flash.

Before the summer collection, Shu will also be releasing a beige-themed collection of Rouge Unlimited lipsticks (3150yen) with 18 new shades on 6 April in Japan.

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