Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Cosme.net Weekly Ranking: Eyeshadow

Every week, based on the past half year's reviews, Cosme.net publishes the ranking of products in various categories such as eyeshadow, foundation etc. For this week, in the eyeshadow category, Pied Nus' Sparkling Eyes retains the top spot. The ranking is based on both the average number of stars and the total number of reviews lodged for that particular product.

#1 Pied Nus Sparkling Eyes
#2 Lunasol Skin Modelling Eyes
#3 Aube Jewellery Shower Eyes
#4 Lunasol Scent Form Eyes
#5 Testimo Layered Impact Eyes
#6 Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color
#7 Kate Glam Trick Eyes
#8 Nars The Multiple
#9 Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes
#10 Chanel Quatre Ombres

You can view the results here:


Anonymous said...

cool! hope you will update weekly the rankings? any more rankings for other mu?

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru! Meta here :) Great blog!

I just find it odd that NARS The Multiple is in the Top 10 for eyeshadows.