Thursday, 19 April 2007

Majolica Majorca Splashing Blue

This is MM's summer collection, just out in stores in Tokyo today although the official release date was supposed to be this Saturday. There are also a few nailpolishes in the collection but I didn't get those today.

Frozen Splash Eyes (cream eyeshadows) in 6 shades, 840yen each, 4g. These are very shimmery and dry down quite nicely with a texture and shade selection that is almost identical to Pied Nus' Sparkling Eyes as you can see in the photo of the swatches where I swatched some PN Sparkling Eyes besides the Frozen Splash Eyes. I guess that's not surprising since both PN and MM are made by Shiseido but still I can't help but think that it's just lazy that the creators at MM don't even bother to come up with more unique shades rather than just rehash what has already been done before. These are still an affordable, good buy as the texture is actually quite good, smooth without being oily, spreads evenly and dries down nicely to a sparkley finish that is just as shimmery as PN Sparkling Eyes. The packaging does feel much cheaper than PN Sparkling Eyes which comes in a heavy glass pot. The Frozen Splash Eyes are packaged in a small, light plastic pot which is convenient for travel. The texture is also similar to that of Shiseido The Makeup Hydropowder Eyes but I think Shiseido The Makeup has more vibrant shades. The Frozen Splash Eyes series come in mostly cool icy shades. The most appealing colours are GR782 (light green that has less teal tones than the PN version) and BL213 (light metallic blue). The GD shade is also quite lovely but the YE is just too yellow. The good news is that these are permanent.

Neo Automatic Eyeliners in #34 (icy blue-tinted white) and BL444 (vibrant royal blue) and Lash Expander and Lash Enamel Glamour in bright blue. These four items are limited edition and cost 1260yen each. Lash Expander is a fibre-based lengthening waterproof mascara while Lash Enamel Glamour is a non-fibre based volumising waterproof mascara. If you have fragile or sparse lashes, I would not recommend these mascaras as they can be quite hard to remove even with a cleansing oil. I had to literally scratch them off the back of my hand as massaging it with just the cleansing oil was not enough.

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