Friday, 27 April 2007

Excel Gradation Cheeks

Today, I'll like to introduce another great blush series, Excel's Gradation Cheeks (1890yen). My longstanding MU addiction was eyeshadows but lately, I've been on a shimmery blush kick. The great thing about Excel's blushes is the superb silky texture with a very fine pearlescent shimmer that more than makes up for the ugly gold plastic packaging. The texture is most similar to Gransenbon and Nars blushes except that you get 4 shades in each Excel Gradation Cheek, that gives you more options in terms of blending and highlighting. The case includes with a soft brush that is quite handy and does a good job. There are currently 5 shades in the series:

G1: Rose Pink (rosy pink)
G2: Strawberry Pink (blue-based light to medium baby pink)
G3: Honey Orange (beige and nude)
G4: Chocolate Brown (beige and rosy browns)
G5: Apricot Peach (peachy coral)

The shades are all very wearable and flattering on my MAC NC20 skintone. G3 does not show up as well (except for the shimmer) as the rest but that's only to be expected since the shades in it are nude/beige tones. G5 was just released last week in Japan. There is also a Gradation Powder GP1 which comes in the same case with various shades of white and pinkish white that can be used as an all-over highlighter. Excel is made by SANA. Excel's Spring Powder Curler (840yen) with a 39mm rim is also one of the top-selling eyelash curlers in Japan.

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