Monday, 16 April 2007

Maquillage Double Shiny Eyes review

Sorry for the delay in new posts as over the weekend, I've been hooked on watching Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica, which is simply one of the smartest, funniest and thrilling shows I've seen this year. That and I was inundated with CPs over the weekend...still figuring how to lug 14 huge packages to the post office tomorrow. But I did manage to get swatches of Maquillage's new Double Shiny Eyes. From left to right in the photo are SV867, GR166, PK763, BE361, GD861, BL165 and VI164. All of them are shiny, icy cool metallic colours. The consistency is identical to Pied Nus Sparkling Eyes, feels like a firm cream in the pot, spreads very smoothly and evenly. It dries down to a sleek, non-gritty finish. The only drawback is that the Highlight Colours are too similar to one another (in the bottom row of the pic under their corresponding Shadow Colours), which makes them redundant if you buy more than one of these. To be honest, I prefer Visee's Aqua Shining Eyes in terms of both the shade selection, packaging and texture. Aqua Shining Eyes is also more affordable at about 2/3 the price of Double Shiny Eyes after the drugstore discount of 25% in Japan for Visee (Maquillage is not discounted).

What I really liked though was the new limited edition Shining Design Powder that I had posted about earlier. If you're looking for an illuminating bronzer or highlighter for a healthy sunkissed glow, this is definitely worth checking out. The powder is extremely silky and velvety to touch with a fine shimmer and no loud glitter. All four shades are gorgeous and flattering, not too warm or dark but also not frosty. Unfortunately, it's not that cheap at 2625yen for the refill and 1050yen for the case.

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