Sunday, 29 April 2007

Jill Stuart summer collection

Found these pics of the upcoming JS summer collection from Yahoo Japan auctions. The items featured are as below:

(1st photo)
Jelly Eye Coor #18 Ice Blonde
Brilliance Eyes #5 Mauve Pearl
Nail Color #36 Sweet Pink
Nail Color #37 Peach Cream
Berry Scrub

(2nd photo)
Pore Solid Essence
Extra Curl Mascara Waterproof
Jelly Eye Color #19 Amethyst Mauve
Nail Color #38 Ivory Frost
Nail Color #39 Ruby Spark
Nail Color #40 Gold Glaze

1 comment:

kuri* said...

I don't even want the product but the packaging on the Pore Solid Essence is too cute. The nail polishes and Brilliance Eyes look lovely too.