Sunday, 1 April 2007

T'estimo summer collection

Finally, a Kanebo brand that is releasing an interesting summer collection! Testimo's star product is its eyeshadow palettes. This time, they're doing a new series Gran Shine Eyes (3675yen) instead of adding to the Frame Impact Eyes series but the Gran Shine Eyes packaging looks almost identical to Frame Impact. Each palette comes with a cream eyeliner shade and 3 shimmery powder eyeshadows.
1. Gran Shine Eyes palettes

#1 Pink: soft sweet pink and rose brown
#2 Blue: lavender silver and metallic silver grey
#3 Brown: sunset gold and bronze brown
#4 Rose: jewel rose and elegant blue-based violet purple

2. 4 new Color Eyes N in PU59, Pk43, BU61 and GN32, 1050yen
3. Strong Bloomer Mascara 38 in black and brown: sweat, tear and sebum-resistant mascara that can be easily removed with warm water at 38 degrees Celsius (hence the name!). 2940yen
4. Lasting Gloss Coat (for lips), 2415yen
5. Gran Shine Rouge in 12 shades, 3150yen
6. One Touch Clear Liner in black and brown, 1995yen for holder and 945yen for cartridge refill
7. Pure Layer Blush in OR21(beige orange with gold pearl), 3150yen

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