Sunday, 1 April 2007

Love Clover site revamp

The official Love Clover website has been revamped with an interactive Flash presentation!

Love Clover is made in Japan by B&C Laboratories, which is owned by Sony. It can be found in Plaza shops (formerly known as Sony Plaza). The target consumer is young women in their teens to 20s as evident by the super-adorable packaging that is reminiscent of Majolica Majorca and Lavshuca. I love their gorgeous feminine promo images and their pink, baby blue and green themed packaging but haven't really been wowed by their products in real life. Their latest product is Pon Pon Cheek N (1680yen), a slightly shimmery blush in 4 shades. I found the colour payoff to be quite sheer, but that's not unexpected as the Love Clover look is one of very subtle feminine elegance.
Edited to add a photo of the Pon Pon Cheek N display that I snapped in Sony Plaza today :-)

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