Sunday, 1 April 2007

Lavshuca summer collection

Continuing the trend from Kate, Lavshuca (which is also made by Kanebo) is also releasing a very small collection for summer on 1 May in Japan. The collection includes just 2 new Jelly Pot Eye Colors (1470yen) in BR1 and SV1, new Cheek Color series (945yen) in PK1, RD1, RD2 and OR1 and 3 new nail polishes (630yen) in PK5, PK6 and SV1. Again, this collection is somewhat of a disappointment as I was hoping for new eyeshadow palettes and lipglosses. I'm not a big fan of the Lavshuca Jelly Pot Eye Colors as the consistency is more of a mousse/cream rather than jelly.

Edited to add: Just realised there are also 11 new shades of Jewel Lips, the mini lipstick (1050yen), in the new collection - PK3, PK4, PK5, PK6, PK7, RD2, RD3, RS4, BR2, BE3 and BE4. That's right, there're going to be 5 more pink (PK) shades. Guess Lavshuca decided that a girl just can't have enough pink lipsticks! You can view the swatches here.

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