Friday, 6 April 2007

Maquillage Double Shiny Eyes

These pics of Maquillage's new shimmery cream eyeshadow pots, Shiny Eyes were posted on 2Channel, a Japanese message board. I thought that these were going to be identical to Pied Nus' Sparkling Eyes and Shiseido The Makeup's Hydropowder Eyeshadow but turns out they are different as each pot comes with 2 shades, one Highlight Colour and one Shadow Colour and there's even a concealed compartment for the sponge tip applicator. 7 shades, 2100yen each. There are also 2 new shades of Glossy Gloss (2100yen), 4 new nailpolishes (945yen) and 2 shades of a new product, Pure Lip Base (2100yen) which apparently tones down the colour of your lips and allowing the colour of your lipstick/lipgloss to apply more true and last longer. Release date is 21 May in Japan.

VI164: Pearl Lilac & Lilac Violet
BL165: Pearl Blue & Icy Blue
GD861: Pearl Gold & Bronze Gold
BE361: Pearl Beige & Silky Beige
PK763: Pearl Pink & Rose Pink
SV867: Pearl White & White Silver
GR166: Pearl Green & Mint Green

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