Monday, 23 April 2007

Lavshuca Jewel Lips

Did some swatches of the new shades of Lavshuca's mini lipstick, Jewel Lips (1050yen). These just arrived in stores over the weekend although the official release date was supposed to be 1 May. A couple of the swatches are unlabelled because I forgot which shades they were! I didn't manage to do all 22 shades because (a) I ran out of space on my hand and (b) some of the testers were in too gross a condition that I didn't even want to touch them! I never understand why anyone dares to apply lipstick testers directly to their lips in the stores. The Japanese are supposed to be super hygiene freaks but I've lost count of the number of Japanese women that I've seen applying mascara or lipstick directly to their lashes/lips in the stores. Huge ick factor...

The Jewel lips have a sheer, glossy consistency that can be layered for greater intensity. But I think the photos of the models on the official website are somewhat misleading as you're not going to get that opaque creamy finish like what you see on the models' lips. Still, these are quite worthwhile checking out if you prefer lightweight, glossy lipsticks. Especially for people like me who find it hard to finish a tube of lipstick, these mini lipsticks are an affordable option for trying out new shades.

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