Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Lunasol Holiday '08

The Lunasol website has been updated with the Christmas coffret set, Soft Silver Lighting which will be released on 15 November in Japan.

As reported earlier, the coffret will retail for 6825yen and it includes Lighting For Eyes EX04, Geminate Liner EX02 (dark brown with silver and red reflects), Contrasting Cheek N EX01 (pink rose with silver pearl), Nail Finish EX16 (shimmery silver) and a party clutch. The promo image looks boring, to be perfectly honest. The holiday coffret set, as expected, is basically the usual safe palette of beige, pink and brown. I mean, come on, surely Christmas calls for something more special and unique? This is just lazy, fail-safe marketing.

The holiday collection also includes these new products:
1. Shining Face Color EX02 Lavender Pink (limited edition, 5250yen)
2. Full Glamour Lips S: 3 new shades #17 Shining Beige, #18 Shining Pink and #19 Shining Rose (3150yen)
3. Full Glamour Gloss N: 3 new shades #9 Shining Beige, #10 Shining Pink and #11 Shining Rose (2625yen)
4. Lip Essence For Night Kit: Includes Lip Essence for Night 7g and 5 Lip Essence Masks (3150yen)


Kathi said...

I totally agree with you! That coffret makes me yawn! So boring... Lunasol is repeating the same stuff EVERY single year! Definitely will skip this!

Pink Sith said...

Oh Goodness! I think I may go bankrupt buying all the Lunasol Holiday collection! Thank you gor the wonderful pictures and post!!

Haru said...

Hey Elvira,

Glad to be of help! Hope the collection works out well for you :-) I'm wondering what Lunasol will put out for Spring '09, hopefully another new line of colorful palettes!

Hey Kathi,
Lunasol is targeted at working ladies in their 20s and 30s, so I'm not surprised that they've chosen to play it so safe. Plus the fact that the coffrets sell out in a flash every year means that the company will only keep doing what its customers want, which is makeup that is a no-brainer to use. But hopefully there will be more interesting palettes come Spring '09!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that looks exciting are the new lipglosses.