Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Awake Color Makeup Line

For Awake fans, the surprising lack of a Christmas makeup set for 2008 was an ominous indication that all was not well with the brand's makeup line. Things definitely did not look good when I visited Tokyo in early December and found that the counter in Shibuya's Tokyu department store had closed down while the counter in Ikebukuro's Seibu department store now carried only the skincare line. The counter in Isetan in Shinjuku was barely half of its previous size. Awake, which is owned by Kose, also pulled out of Taiwan awhile ago.

Now, the news from 2Channel is that Awake has decided to discontinue its color makeup line so there will be no spring makeup collection although there will be three new loose powders released. Awake will re-focus the brand on skincare and base makeup. This is a huge disappointment as Awake is one of my favourite high-end Japanese brands, especially for their eyeshadow palettes and distinctive glossy red packaging (reminiscent of Inoui ID, another line that bit the dust in early 2007). Fortunately, I have built up quite a good stash of Awake palettes to keep me going for the next couple of years. While there won't be a shortage of other brands competing for my attention, I will miss collecting Awake palettes and the excitement of seeing a new collection.

Thanks for the memories, old friend.


Anonymous said...

Yo Rougedeluxe

My sister and I love to read your blog though we don't comment but we are your secret admirer who are following your collection faithfully. Are you going to Japan anytime again? please show us more picture really amazed by the dazzling makeup display, i know how u felt, u must have wished to carry all the items back home right! hehe. that's what i felt too during my last autumn trip to japan.

love your sense of humor too when you mentioned there is only long quene/crowd at our malls makeup section during sales only haha that's so funny. i think the jap really know how to take good care of their appearance, enhanced with makeup and become part of their essential. I wish more sporean are like you, loving makeup as much! :)

am curious. what are you doing for a living actually? are you a makeup reviewer?
or a tai tai with a keen interest in jap makeup? hehehe

i thought you are a editor in some top fashion magazine.

let us know, your readers are curious! :))

happy new year to you too, babe.

Haru said...

Hi Pinky,

Thanks for stopping by! It's always lovely to hear from readers who enjoy the blog. I may visit Japan sometime in 2009 again but it's not confirmed as there are also other places I'd like to visit and only so many holidays I can take!

The Japanese definitely pay a lot more attention to their appearance, taking care of their skin and styling their compared to Singaporeans. But I do see many Singaporean ladies looking very polished these days too. One doesn't necessarily need makeup to look beautiful. I have many colleagues who look gorgeous with light or no makeup as some of them just have naturally glowing perfect skin.

Sorry to disappoint you but I don't work in the fashion/magazine industry (I wish!) and I'm also not a tai-tai. The blog is just a hobby of mine. I have a full time job in the public sector but I'd prefer not to say exactly where/what it is as I like to keep my blog separate from my professional life.

Happy new year to you and your sister!

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear yet another brand to be discontinued. Whats your fav e/s palette?

Haru said...

Hi petitez,

My favourites are the Reflectance Eyes E3 Always Blue and E4 Mint Frost! They are in the top row of the pic, on the extreme left and in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I remember your review on E4. It looks really nice. Maybe you can do a EOTD using it? :)