Thursday, 11 December 2008

Jill Stuart Spring '09

I'm sure many of you have been hotly anticipating Jill Stuart's new spring collection, which is usually the largest collection for the year. Not surprisingly, Jill Stuart has chosen to go with pink for spring.

However, for Spring '09, Jill Stuart will not be introducing a new eyeshadow palette series as it has done for the past couple of years. Instead, it will add just two new palettes to the permanent line-up, one Seductive Eyes palette and one Illuminance Eyes palette, both of which are confusingly named #6 Blossoming Shine.

During my recent trip to Tokyo, it also looked like the Brilliance Eyes series may be phased out as three Brilliance Eyes palettes (#2, #4 and #7) have been removed from the counters.

The good news is that after a long drought, Jill Stuart has finally introduced two new Jelly Eye Colors,#22 Platinum Gold and #23 Shiny Onyx, but these are also the only limited edition items in the collection.

There are also two new Mix Compact Blushes, #7 Lovely Tulip and #8 Romantic Poppy. which I'm sure will delight many people

The new Jelly Lip Gloss.


Amelia Yap said...

Is it me? or is it that the colours in JS palettes are starting the look the same.

Anonymous said...

anyone going japan? i need cp for the js eye jelly!!!! ichiban price too marked up for me. HELP!

Haru said...

Hey Vel,
I'll probably be getting a CP of the eye jellies. If you want to ride on, just PM me at Cozycot or Makeupalley. But it is probably cheaper to buy from Taiwan/Hong Kong if you have a contact for those countries, as the yen is very high right now.

Anonymous said...

I still cant quite figure out the difference between the 3 types of JS palettes! :)

Haru said...

Hi Anita,

It's quite easy, really. The Brilliance Eyes series has the most intense bling-bling shimmer but are also known for their fall-out. Seductive Eyes has 3 powder eyeshadows and one cream shade in each palette. Illuminance Eyes contains all powder eyeshadows like Brilliance Eyes but the texture of some of the eyeshadows is smoother and silkier with more of a fine pearl shimmer.

Anonymous said...

hi haru~ *__* ahh i always wanted the compact blush. how much is it again in yen? i wonder where i can get it at rather good price..

btw, i was browsing through watson KLCC today and i saw this japanese makeup brand that can be called jill stuart compact blush dupes! LOL. the packaging is almost the same shape with JS (less fancy, more cheapo looking but if from afar u think JS suddently land itself to.. watson? hehe) and when u open it it also have the four square with press-on swirl on it exactly like JS (w/out the the silver emboss on it) it start with k something followed by 'me'i cant remember. -_- haha i should bought it cause the color is actually nice (mostly matte tho) and goes for RM22. have u seen it before?

lol sorry if i write too much ^^;;

Haru said...

Dear Rina,

Yes, I know the brand you're referring to! I saw them at the KLCC Watsons when I was there a couple of months ago. But the texture didn't look that good, definitely not Jill Stuart quality, and some of the colors looked a bit garish. My advice would be to just get Jill Stuart if you like it, rather than a knock-off, 'cos nothing beats the real thing!

Karelessly in Love said...

Wah, new jellies! Finally!! I want them both, and the blushes too!