Saturday, 20 December 2008

Biteki, Voce & Maquia February

The February issues of Biteki, Voce and Maquia are all out at Kino now! (Thanks to AhCapp for the tip!) Both Voce and Biteki come with booklets of the spring makeup collections so these are worth getting a copy of. I usually end up getting Voce as I like the format of its booklet the best. Maquia's spring collections booklet will be included in its March issue.

Voce: Spring collections booklet features 54 brands and 925 "colours". Other features includes beauty tips from various celebrities, makeup tutorials featuring the new spring products and other health and diet tips.

Biteki: Spring collections booklet featuring 52 brands and 973 "colours". This also comes with a Beautiful Hair Recovery Box that includes deluxe samples of Pantene Clinicare shampoo and conditioner. Other features include "Happy Aura Makeup" tutorials featuring the new spring makeup products and rankings of the best makeup and skincare products of 2008.

Maquia comes with a DHC sample set including the Cleansing Oil, Mild Soap, Mild Lotion and Body Cleansing Oil. The features include makeup tutorials on "snow white" makeup and pink-themed makeup, skincare tips for pores and makeup tips for lashes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

I bought Voce as like you, I collect its makeup booklet =P But I was seriously very tempted by Marquia & Biteki too as both issues were ultra thick this time round. =P And both came with freebies.. temptations temptations... ;)

Haru said...

Hey Wing Yee,

I bought Voce and Spring as Spring also came with a Tsumori Chisato tote bag :-) Decided to skip Biteki as the booklet is smaller than the Voce booklet. I've been poring over the Voce booklet on and off today, got so many lemmings!!

paperdollrevenge said...

I saw this at the bookstore today! But I didn't get it, I got the January UP and S Cawaii (both with Ayumi on the covers). I'm still enjoying my December and January mags (love the VOCE issues), I'm not ready for spring yet! hehe Still trying to keep up with December. But I will probably pick up more magazines in a month, thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rouge Deluxe

A merry Christmas to you, babe in rejoice of beauty and....more beauty!

Just back from a trip so got to see your latest post and realize the Biteki featured best makeup and skincare products of 2008.

That's is Feb 2009 I supposed from the glimpse of your magazine cover.

Alas! As I'm a fanatic of such review of the makeup and skincare ranking, in no time i marched down to Kino to scour for these issues u posted and was told by the assistant that they have all sold out! (even attempted to slot in a bit of coffee money in their hand and asked to really double check in their store, unfortunately really all sold out! haha perhaps a lot of ur readers bought after reading ur post hehe)

I banged my head against the wall. hahaha and what's left on the shelf is Biteki Jan 09 instead.

So i grabbed a copy anyway.

the same goes for Voce Feb too, sold out

But i want to thank you babe for showing the spring makeup series picture. at least i can rejoice n drool over from your pretty pictures.

Sigh, i really love to see more in the Biteki feb issue on the ranking part

is it ok you scanned the "best makeup and skincare" pages and showed us readers?
Please........(gently, softly)..Please...


Haru said...

Hi Niki,

Merry Xmas to you too! You can try waiting for the sea shipment of Biteki & Voce to come in, should be in a week or so. Just ask the Kino staff for the exact date. I didn't buy Biteki so I'm afraid I can't take pics of it for you. Anyway, my camera is spoilt and all the photos turn out blurry :-(