Wednesday, 24 December 2008

RMK Spring Translucence reported on the RMK press event for its Spring Translucence collection which will be launched in Japan on 23 January. The pink and floral-inspired collection features five limited edition Translucent Eyes which each feature a pearly pink shade paired with pastel shades of blue, green, purple, brown etc. The pearly pink shade is translucent and meant to be used on top of the pastel shade.

The collection also includes two limited edition Translucent Cheeks & Eyes (5250yen) which features 4 cheek colors and 2 eyeshadow colors (the shade in the middle of the flower and the bottom right petal) in the shape of an anemone flower. The 'RMK' logo is printed only on the surface and does not go all the way through.

I haven't been tempted by RMK's color collections in the past few years but this looks like a very promising one. I like the mix of bright and cheerful colors!


Anonymous said...

I just love everything about RMK from products to ad campaigns shot by Micheal Thompson. I love the fact that the packaging looks minimalist and serious, but that colors and concepts are somewhat cute.
RMK is like a "girly" Bobbi Brown.
I highly recommend her makeup base, lipsticks (all textures),non-sticky glosses, blushes, brushes and fantastic nail polish formula.
Thanks for posting those images.

Grayburn said...

Real pretty compact. Love to see them in person.

Thanks for sharing and merry x'mas!


i luv tea said...

Sure looks pretty to me. Quite tired of seeing the dark, smoky colours of fall. Looking forward to the pretty pastel colours. Love RMK foundations. They go on smoothly and cover well esp when used with the makeup base.

Thanks Haru for your regular updates. Especially enjoyed the recent one on the various collections rolled out by the Japanese brands next spring. Merry X'mas and stay gorgeous.

Anonymous said...


firstly, thank you for having such a helpful and interesting blog with all the swatches and comparisons which makes it easier for us readers to decide, although it creates huge lemmings though and burns a hole in my pocket.

btw, do you know what tsubasa masuwaka is introducing in this vid?

Is the scratch product a mascara? if possible, can you tell me the brand of it? Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Wow the Spring collection looks so pretty! Thanks for updating with the pretty pics!
Merry X'mas!


Haru said...

Hi Cheryl,

It's a heel exfoliator, not a mascara! You can see more pics here