Sunday, 28 December 2008

Kiss Website Update

The Kiss website has been updated with the new Chocolat Collection 2009.

The Lip Chocolat Treatment (1050yen) is a moisturising beauty treatment for the lips with a strawberry chocolate scent.

The Dual Chocolat Eyes (1260yen) contain a pearl cream base with a powder eyeshadow. #1 Strawberry is described as a pink x natural brown while #2 Bitter Chocolat is a chic beige x chocolate brown.

Here's how the Dual Chocolat Eyes are applied on the model, who is also wearing Rouge Melty Syrup #6, Venus Eye Impact #1, Pure Bloom Cheeks #1, Moist Base UV Nuance Color #1 and Fairy Veil Pact #2.

All the items in the Chocolat Collection 2009 are limited edition and due out on 24 January in Japan.

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