Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Paul & Joe Happy Calendar

When I arrived at Narita Airport on Sunday afternoon, I had 45minutes to kill before my coach left for Tokyo, so my first thought was to go hunt down the new issue of More magazine for the Paul & Joe 2009 desk top calendar!

The magazine cost 600yen (about S$9.60) but it was quite worth it as the calendar is fairly well-made and the magazine itself is a great read on the latest trends in Japanese fashions for winter. The calendar is held together by two plastic rings. The paper is somewhat thin so one has to be careful not to bend it inadvertently. Each month is printed with one of P&J's signature prints. Luckily, whoever designed the calendar decided to leave out the more bizarre prints and focused on the crowd favourites of flowers, birds and kitties.

The back of the calendar.

The magazine article on the calendar.

I'd also been looking forward to checking out P&J's secondary line, P&J Sister which was launched recently in Japan. The clothing is priced more affordably than the main P&J line, but it's still quite pricey at about 20,000yen to 30,000yen for the leather bags, tops starting from 10,000yen onwards and dresses running anywhere between 25,000yen to 80,000yen. I ended up getting one handkerchief (630yen). Unfortunately, they no longer had the cute bambi printed ones that I saw in a magazine a couple of months ago. The current range features mainly floral prints.

I also snagged these two gift boxes for only 315yen each at OIOI department store in Shibuya. I figured I could use them as pen-holders or brush holders. Both were the last pieces available :-)

This is my favourite of the two, love the kooky bird wearing the top hat!


カロリイン said...

Wow Iris, I am full of envy while reading your Japan trip's 'Live' update on your blog during my lunch time. :)

Thanks for the detailed update, looks like I must grab MORE in Jan09 issue. This calendar is so nice, and it seems so easy to flip. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your purchases! The prints are truly lovely! I wouldn't be able to resist!