Saturday, 20 December 2008

Spring '09 Collections

Picked up Voce magazine at Kino this morning and its spring collections booklet did not disappoint! After poring over it on and off throughout the day, I've got so many items on my shopping list that I don't even know where to start...

Here's a look at some of the brands:

Cle de Peau (21 Jan): Nude/beige-themed makeup collection "Natural Absolute". Includes 3 new Liner Cremes which are super pricey at 6300yen.

Est (10 Jan): I'm very tempted by the look of the new Emotional Multiple Eyes palettes (5775yen) which are much more interesting and colorful than the usual gradational palettes by Japanese brands.

Fasio (16 Jan): Includes 8 Gradation Deep Eyes palettes (1365yen) and 4 Gradation Mix Face Colors (1470yen).

Kesalan Patharan (20 Feb): Includes 3 limited edition Eye Color Palettes (3990yen) and two Reflect Eyes (mousse eyeshadows) (2415yen).

Kate (1 Feb): Includes 5 Diamond Cut Eyes palettes (1680yen), Gradical Eyes BG1 and Deep Trap Eyes GN1.

Lavshuca (1 Feb): Includes 5 Grade Color Eyes (1680yen), new Separate Keep Mascaras and Finish Powders (1680yen) which comes in a much more simple tub packaging than the current loose face powders. Lavshuca doesn't usually release green palettes so it's nice to see one in the new line-up.

Majolica Majorca (21 Jan): The frumpy promo visual for this is quite disappointing by MM's usual standards. The theme of the collection is "Girly Erotica" but the promo visual looks anything but erotic.

Maquillage (21 Jan): Includes 5 Eyes Creator 3D palettes (3990yen_), 10 Eye Color N (Powder) (840yen), 10 Eye Color N (Cream) (840yen), 4 Face Creator 3D palettes (2940yen for refill, 1260yen for case).

This is a good month to shop for magazines at Kino as they are having a storewide 20% discount for cardholders so Voce cost me only $11.30. Kino also offers exclusive freebies with various local magazines each month. Currently, it's giving away a Nivea cream with Cleo, a clutch bag with Her World and a set of 5 Laneige skincare samples with a local Chinese magazine (can't recall the title exactly but Zoe Tay is on the cover).


Anonymous said...

Wow! I really like the colors for est, Fasio and Kate. I can't wait!

- said...

I'm definately going to be getting some of those MAQuilLAGE singles!

Autumn Masquerade said...

Thanks for the preview! I can't wait for my issue to arrive. The Cle de Peau and Maquillage liners look similar with the blue print.

Anonymous said...

i think i am getting a headache looking at all the pictures! i am going to stay away from eye shadows for a bit... too much for me to digest...

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru

Thank you so much for the spring makeup.

Such lovely. Who can resist? :)

A question for the Guru. haha who is you! :) Will these Spring color appear in local market? or do you usually hunt them down online? :)

thanks for your posts, i am reading and loving it. i even reserved this coming weekend to go thru all!

merry christmas and makeup season :)

pinkdolphi1 said...

Oh I'm excited! Fasio looks interesting! Can't wait for them! Thanks for the updates!

Haru said...


Merry Xmas to you too! Some of these Japanese brands are available in Singapore, like RMK, Lunasol, Anna Sui, Majolica Majorca and Shu Uemura so for those, I usually get them in Singapore. But for some like Jill Stuart, I would still have to ask my friend in Tokyo to help me buy them.

Have a great holiday season!

Anonymous said...

I prefer those Taiwanese versions of Jap magazines as they come in Chinese & cheaper. One of my favourite is 'With'

Unknown said...

Why haven't I seen this page before?!!! I love it!!! I'll use it as a reference for shopping!!

Felicia said...

I have been waiting for Kate Deep Trap GN-1 that was shown on that Voce magazine. But when I checked Kate website today, the color looked different. I wonder if they cancelled releasing this color.

Haru said...

Hi Pei,

I don't think that Kate cancelled releasing the GN1 palette but rather the swatch on the Kate website may be a bit different from what was printed in the Voce magazine.

I found the GN1 palette is listed on the Kate website catalog.

Felicia said...

Hi Haru,

Yes, that is the same number as listed in the magazine. Too bad the color is a little different. I was waiting for that pink-blue-purple combination since I saw it in Voce. I am not sure though how the current GN-1 will look like, since the color in the pic is usually different than when you wear it :)