Monday, 15 December 2008

Paul & Joe Spring '09

According to Voce's website, Paul & Joe will be releasing the following new products in spring:

On 9 January:

1. Eye Color Palette CS (5040yen): 2 palettes

2. Lipstick CS (3045yen)

On 6 February:
1. Nail & Hand Care Kit (5565yen): Includes Nail Protect Coat, Hand Cream, gloves and a can
2. Eye Color (2625yen): 6 new shades
3. Eyebrow Liner (2625yen): 3 shades


- said...

the eye palette looks BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait to see the colors inside!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty palette, but qualitywise......

- said...

are they bad quality? :(

Haru said...

Hi Kiu,

Actually, I found P&J's most recent eyeshadow palettes (with 3 e/s) to be of pretty good quality. The texture was smooth with good colour payoff. P&J's e/s do usually tend to be on the sheer side as their brand image tends towards the very soft, feminine side with no loud or dramatic colors.

- said...

That sounds perfect for me actually! As much as I love color, I don't really like too much pigment which is why I prefer Japanese brand makeup. Thank you! Hopefully the colors will be gorgeous because the packaging looks stunning!

iluvkangta said...

when will the new collection be available in singapore?

Haru said...

I'm not sure of the release date for Singapore but it should be in the next few weeks as the release date for Japan is 9 January.