Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Camera!

After my 3-year old Casio Exilim EX-Z500 went all wonky on me following my recent Tokyo trip, I decided it was finally time to shell out for a new digicam. I decided on Canon, after reading some reviews that proclaimed Canon to be the best brand for digicams. At the Best Denki store in Ngee Ann City, the SA recommended the new Ixus 870IS which came with a 28mm wide angle lens, 10 mega pixels, 4x optical zoom etc. For the price of S$549, I also got a "free" 8Mb SD card and case.

I'm still playing around with it, trying to get the hang of which setting produces the best shots. So far, I must say that it is quite impressive and produces much crisper shots with greater definition than my Exilim which had only 5Mb. Finally, I can take some decent EOTD photos but it's still a very tricky process, so please don't expect shots like what you would see on on other blogs such as

Here are some shots to show off what my new baby can do!

Pop Beauty Rose Belle

Visee Aqua Shining Eyes GY003

Visee Jewel Crush Eyes E5

Today's EOTD using Jill Stuart Illuminance Eyes #4 Aqua Crystal

I started out with a small blob of T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base #1. This gives just a very pale pearl sheen without any loud obvious glitter bits.

Apply over the entire eyelid area.

Using the narrow sponge tip end of the applicator, line the eyes with the dark grey shade, tapering to a upward-slanting fine end at the outer corner.

Layer the purple shade in the crease, blend with the dark grey shade.

Finish with the light pink shade as a wash over the brow bone area and the inner corners. My usual way of applying eyeshadows is the opposite of what virtually every makeup book/artist teaches (i.e. start with the base and finish with the liner shade) but it works for me.

This is what the palette looks like. I didn't use the green shade.


Anonymous said...

Mine's a Canon too and I love it!

I've never seen your EOTD before. Its interesting to see it. Perhaps you can consider posting more EOTD in the future? :)

Anonymous said...

nice photos! enjoy playing with your new camera. i use a canon ixus as well, but it's a few years old already.

i just got the jewel crush in E5 and really love it! i suppose kose is phasing this range of eyeshadows out? it was always placed on the lowest shelf in the drugstores. such a pity as the packaging is much nicer than the new eyeshadow range.

Yumeko said...

you gotta do more EOTD! i love them!! they are so clear and gorgeous
esp more jill stuart please!

Kathi said...

Your new cam takes great pics! And so lovely to see your EOTD! I've finally got the Aqua Crystal palette coming in the mail! Now I can't wait to try it!

I still use my 2.1 MP 7 year-old Olympus which takes fantastic pics in my opinion lol! I have gotten a few new digicams within the previous years but always go back to the Olympus for EOTD and product pics.
The only drawback of the Olympus is that it's quite a bulky huge cam so I prefer my smaller digicam to carry along

pinkdolphi1 said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to see more EOTDs!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard that this is the official makeup method of one japanese brand :P ..u 're on professional track hee

Anonymous said...

i won't agree on canon being the best for digicam but yours is doing very well as it takes good EOTD! :)

i hardly see your eyes. :P anyway, the new product pictures all looking better than before already so this camera is great!

i may get a camera soon as my old buddy is about to die soon. (or it just needs a new battery... :)

Anonymous said...

Your new camera does seem better. BTW, I bought the pink shade of lip lust from Sephora Singapore for Pop Beauty. Not bad after using but they only have very limited shades.