Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Coffret D'Or Shine Accent Eyes

I did some swatches of the Coffret D'Or Shine Accent Eyes palettes. I only swatched the two most colorful shades in each palette since it was near impossible to get the glitter gel liner shade to show up and the highlighter shades were virtually identical across the various palettes.

Top: #1 Orange
Middle: #4 Blue (left) and #2 Pink
Bottom: #5 Beige (left) and #3 Green


Kathi said...

Do you think that any of these are nice to have or rather skip-worthy? The purple amd blues ones look pretty in your swatch pic but rather bland on the other pics I saw so far =D

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I think you can definitely pass on these. There are many cheaper options that give you better payoff and texture. These are really for women who want a very natural look that can't go wrong and is easy to apply.

Kathi said...

Ah good, will skip them! I just think these are too pastel for me anyway (pastels wash me out too much when I wear them on my lids). I think the Esprique and Aube palettes are much more to my liking.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the swatches and recommendation to pass on these!

Anonymous said...

hi haru,

how do these compare with the CDO Spring Collection - 3D eyes?


Haru said...

Hey Michelle,

I think the new palettes are slightly more sheer and the finish is more of a soft pearl whereas the 3D Eyes were more shimmery.