Monday, 8 December 2008

Spring 2009 Collections

At the Tsutaya bookstore in Narita Airport yesterday, I came across the new issue of Anecan magazine which had sneak peeks of several upcoming Spring '09 collections. Incidentally, Maquillage spokesmodel Ebihara Yuri now models exclusively for Anecan magazine, after "graduating" from its sister mag, CanCam.


Paul & Joe: one brown/beige palette and one pink/purple palette.



The star products from various brands such as Dior (the bag-shaped compact with Dior charm), Estee Lauder (the big round compact with the pink floral motif in the upper left corner), MAC's Dame Edna collection, Helena Rubenstein, Paul & Joe, Guerlain and Givenchy.


This pic is from Steady magazine. The products shown are Jelly Lip Gloss #4, Illuminance Eyes #6 and Mix Compact Blush #7.


- said...

Even though I'm sad that MQ is dropping Misaki Ito, I'm still excited for this collection! It looks like it will have GORGEOUS taupes!

Anonymous said...

I really love your stuff! The carebear stuff brought me back to my days back in school! Goosh, that's like how many years ago. hehehehe

I really love your Agnes B bag and the charm! I did considered getting the charm for a while, but well, maybe not. ;P

All your stuff are good buys! *2 thumbs up*

I wish I was in your lungage... =P

Anonymous said...

Ah capp - you say the funniest thing!! I too wanted to be in haru's luggage but i figured i would have trouble on the return trip...cos haru would have trouble packing me into her luggage with all her shopping!!!

for some reason, i feel spring 2009 doesnt feel very springy...theres hardly any bright colours. theres quite alot of browns/taupes which basically feels like an extension of the fall/winter.

haru - does the "steady" magazine fall into the makeup magazine category or its mainly fashion??


Haru said...

Hi Nutty,

Steady is mainly a fashion mag for ladies in their 20s.

Hey AhCapp,

I thought Agnes B was very affordable compared to Burberry Blue Label or Samantha Thavasa. I had my eye on a heart-shaped coin pouch at Burberry but decided it was just too expensive at 15,000yen. Samantha Thavasa had some nice charms too but at more than 5000yen, it was just too much. So I was quite delighted to find the Agnes B star for only 3500yen :-)

The Care Bears were my favourite toys as kids!

Anonymous said...

Hey Haru

I will be hitting Tokyo & Osaka soon! Wonder where can I find the lovely carebear items..?

Haru said...


You can find the Care Bears merchandise at the Kiddyland store in Omotesando. It's a huge store about 6 floors of all kinds of character goods, opposite Omotesando Hills and near the traffic intersection, quite easy to find. The nearest train station is Meiji Jingumae. There is another much smaller store at the B3 (if I recall correctly) exit of the Meiji Jingumae station, next to the Accessorize store, which also sells some Care Bears stuff which is different from what you would find in the Kiddyland store.

Good luck finding them!

Wombat said...

Hello, just wanted to let you know there are more pics of Dior Spring 2009 pics up from