Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tokyo Day 2

First, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday and left comments on my Tokyo posts! Today was spent walking all around Shinjuku, where Takashimaya, Odakyu and Isetan department stores are located. It is simply amazing that there are masses and masses of women shopping at Isetan's beauty floor on a weekday afternoon like there's no global financial meltdown taking place! Odakyu and Takashimaya were quieter but with still a fairly decent crowd of customers unlike in Singapore, when the only time you see crowds on the beauty floors are when there's a sale going on!

I picked up a tube of my trusty favourite, T'estimo Bright Up Eyeshadow Base #1 which was a bargain at only 1470yen after the 30% drugstore discount. I've been curious about Coffret D'Or foundations as I was a big fan of Revue powder foundations in the past. The SA in Matsumoto Kiyoshi told me that due to a huge outcry from the loyal Revue fanbase, Kanebo has decided to keep making the Revue base makeup line instead of discontinuing it as originally planned when they introduced Coffret D'Or. That's consumer power at work!

Anyway, I finally decided to take the plunge into Coffret D'Or foundations when I came across this set in Matsumoto Kiyoshi which includes the foundation refill and case for only 3675yen. The foundation refill usually retails by itself for 3675yen while the case is 1050yen. I also liked the pink case, which reminded me of Revue and is a departure form Coffret D'Or's usual gold packaging. I got the Beauty Essence Pact in Beige C.

Also picked these up as a CP for my good buddy, Fleckenschnitte! The pink case, mirror and card holder are all gifts from Matsumoto Kiyoshi for pre-ordering the Aube Couture items. Fortunately, Sofina has decided to keep Aube Couture as a brand that can be discounted by the drugstores so these were all 30% off.

At a store called It's Demo in Shinjuku station, I came across a couple of special makeup sets. These are usually called 'lucky bags' and you usually pay about 20% of the retail price for a grab bag of makeup items (usually limited edition items from past collections or discontinued items), sometimes without knowing what you're buying exactly. Some of you may remember It's Demo as the store that offered Kiss lucky bags a couple of years ago :-) There was a 2100yen set by Revlon with retail value of about 10,000yen.

Since I'm not a Revlon fan, I was not too excited. That is, until I saw this Lola set! It includes the Gloss Menagerie of 10 mini lipglosses (5040yen), Lip Sheer in Graceful (2940yen) and Shadow Trio in Jewel (3465yen) for the amazing price of only 2520yen! I've always found Lola's bright packaging to be very attractive but it's always been too expensive in Japan for me to splurge on.

The lipglosses have a strong mint scent and feature a diverse range of beige, pink and red shades.

I had just been admiring the plum shade with gold sparkles in the Jewel trio at another store a couple of days ago so you can imagine my excitement when I found it as part of this set! The Lip Sheer is a lovely rosy pink.

At Odakyu department store in Shinjuku, I cam across B Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful, a British makeup brand. The eyeshadows and lip creams all come in small pots covered in beads. There was a good selection of vibrant shimmery shades but I did not find the packaging appealing so I did not bother to swatch these.

Love Clover display for the new Marshmallow Fit Decoration Powder. The texture felt quite rough and even using the brush, it was difficult to see a visible difference.

Limited edition Dejavu Fibrewig mascara in Noble Navy which is exclusive to Plaza Style.

Mini Bourjois Tinted Lip Balm display in Plaza Style.

Canmake holiday collection display.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your 1st and 2nd posts about Tokyo. It must feel great for you to be back there. :)

Your Lola set is definitely a great find! envy...... I do miss Tokyo!

Continue posting your daily events in Tokyo ok? :)

Kathi said...

*smoooooooooooooooooooch* Soooooo exciting to see all my pretty things sitting there =D Thanks so so much! =D

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

I just love your Tokyo posts! Hopefully my Fiance and I can go there on our honeymoon. We just got engaged and we are in the USA. We are trying to save to go. We love Japanese culture so much! I get so excited when I see all the lovely makeup displays! Our packaging over in the USA is more sophisticated and not Cute like in Japan. I wish ours were more like Japan! Well I have been saving all of the stores that you have visited so when I visit Japan that I can look them up. If you ever have time, it would be great if you post the streets that the stores are on or if you could send me an email where all the stores are.

Thank you so much for your lovely posts! I hope you enjoy my blog as well!

By the way, we have Lola over here as well! It does not do that great though and it is expensive here too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great to know that Revue will continue to be in production! I am a fan of Testimo's eye base as well! Glad to hear that it is not discontinued as well!

Haru said...


You can check out my earlier post on shopping in Tokyo!

Anonymous said...

I adore the Coffret D'Or foundation in the pink case! The quality is really great, and the casing is gorgeous. You might want to check out the makeup base of the same brand; the SA at Matsumoto Kiyoshi tested it my hand and it really makes a difference :)

Sherry aka lilupig

Haru said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the recommendation! I think I got some samples from the SA, will definitely try them out :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh Iris, all your pics of Tokyo make me soo green with envy! =P All pics are soo interesting. Pls continue to share with us your of your stay in Tokyo.

Happy shopping! =D

Haru said...

Hey AhCapp,

Thanks for stopping by! It's been great just relaxing here in Tokyo :-) We should meet up again some time!

Anonymous said...

Dear Haru, thanks for the REALLY great news! I am REALLY REALLY happy to know that Revue is not going to discon!!!!! I have been using their liquid foundation for almost 10yrs!!! Even i cannot believe this myself coz' i am one who likes to try new stuffs most times. I used to be a foundation queen---> love to try different brands of foundation. But somehow, it is always revue liquid foundation i am reaching out for (espcially on bad skin days)and this is the one foundation that people always gives compliment on.Hence, in the past two years i have cut down on other foundations and been faithfully using this most of the times. This is really a piece of wonderful news. Thanks so much for the info!!

Anonymous said...

Btw, anyone knows where can we get our hands on Rimmel products besides UK? I used to be a fan of one of their foundation many many many yrs back.What i like about this brand is that it is very affordable and has some good products. Haru, where did u come across Rimmel in japan? Matsumoto Kiyoshi carries this??

Haru said...

Hey Patty,

Glad to be the bearer of good news! I'm also a big fan of Revue. It's great that Kanebo is keeping it around for now.

Rimmel is also available in the US, Japan and Malaysia. In Japan, Rimmel is quite easy to find at the Plaza Style stores, Ainz Tulpe and Tomods drugstores or the Loft stores. It's not usually found in Matsumoto Kiyoshi though. The Western brands that Matsumoto Kiyoshi usually carries are Bourjois and Maybelline.

Anonymous said...

HEY your blog is amazing

thanks for sharing .

So would you do me a favour

my friend is at tokyo

and I want her to buy Aube Couture 'rouge for me .

but she cann't get drugstores that with 30% off.

so would you please tell me the address? that would be very appreciate.

Anonymous said...


your blog is so amazing

thanks for sharing

as my friend is at Tokyo and I want

her to buy Aube Couture 's new rouge for me . but she can't find drugstores with 30% OFF

so would you please tell me the address exactly of that?

that would be very appeciate~

and as for Coffret D'Or. the liuqid foundation of A/W is pretty good.and PRE-MAKE up as well

Haru said...

Hi Grey,

I got the Aube Couture stuff at 30% off at the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores in Shibuya, near the train station. You can ask you friend to check the Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores. It's a big chain with stores all over Tokyo, quite easy to find but not every store has the same discount.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

Where is the It's Demo store in Shinjuku station? Thanks.

Haru said...


The It's Demo store in Shinjuku is called "iro-mi-ne" and it's located at the ground floor to 2nd floor of MyLord which is at the South exit of the JR Shinjuku station.


Anonymous said...


I got my aube rouge so great

thank u~


Yeli said...

hello, i enjoy your blog very much. japanese cosmetics are much cuter than western lol. i want to buy those bourjois tinted balm, but it's only available in japan right? do you know any place where i could buy it online? thank you very much!

Haru said...

I'm not sure if the Boujois lip balms are Japan-exclusive. Perhaps you can ask ichibankao.com or kyotobaby (www.freewebs.com/kyotobaby/) if they can do a custom order for you?

Anonymous said...

thank you for the advice and happy new year!

Unknown said...

Super late reply, but I was wondering whether you knew that B Never is made by the same people as Lush? In the UK they also have a line of B Never soaps and stuff that often cross over with Lush, it's great. :D