Monday, 15 December 2008

Spring Collections Preview

Voce's website had these sneak peeks of upcoming spring collections from Est, RMK, Coffret D'Or and Armani

Pics from Est's spring collection color makeup and base makeup press event.

Pics from RMK's press launch for its new Powder Foundation EX which includes a shimmer highlight powder that can be used for giving skin that extra glow. RMK will also be launching a new concealer with improved coverage power.

New base makeup items from Coffret D'Or.

Armani will be launching a men's skincare line in April in Japan. The line includes eye gel, bronzer fluid, cleanser, shaving cream, serum and face cream.


Ti_Amo said...

Hi Haru! I was just wondering if you are going to swatch the RMK spring, as the lipglosses look promising! :D

Haru said...

I will definitely try to do so!