Monday, 8 December 2008

Tokyo Day 5

Yesterday was the final day of my trip. And like any good makeup addict, it was filled with some last minute shopping. I had just read this glowing review of a Japanese mineral BB cream by Yumeko on her wonderful blog and it sounded like too good to pass up!

Luckily, the Estnation store at Roppongi Hills was just a stone's throw away from where I was staying so I hiked on down there first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, they did not have the 1890yen trial set so I ended up getting the full sized Powder Snow in Nude (5040yen), Snow Base (5775yen) and the Clear Snow Pressed (3150yen for refill, 1575yen for case and brush).

My new Agnes B. bag! This is available only at 3 stores in Japan, including the flagship store in Omotesando. This was 9500yen. The Agnes B store offers tax-free shopping for tourists if you spend 10,0001yen and above.

Interior of the bag.

Agnes B. bag charm which was about 3500yen.

Assorted Care Bears stuff :-)

I had CP'd several Kiss lucky bags for some friends a couple of years ago and they were the most amazing deals as they contained 8-9 Kiss products for only 1680yen. I'd given up on finding these already on my current trip only to discover 3 Kiss lucky bags at the It's Demo store in Narita Airport Terminal 1 :-) Too bad I had already checked in my luggage or I would probably have ended up buying at least one of these sets. Each had a Fairy Bright Powder, two lipsticks, 1 lipgloss and 4 nail polishes.

Ettusais blush with a free vinyl pouch.

Susie NY set that included one eyeshadow quad, 3 nail polishes and a makeup pouch for only 1470yen.

The It's Demo store is located in the public area of Terminal 1 and is great for shopping for accessories, makeup, snacks and clothes. Opposite it is a Tsutaya DVD and bookstore which is good for shopping for magazines. That's where I bought Steady magazine which came with a very roomy Stila pouch and a huge sheet of stickers meant for use with a schedule book as they have stickers titled "salon", "shopping", "meeting", "date", "birthday" (but all in Japanese) etc.

The Banana Republic Christmas tree at Roppongi Hills with shopping bags as decorations!


paperdollrevenge said...

Looks like you made the most out of your trip, down to the very last day! Your Sinn haul looks very nice. I'm curious...what other shades of powder did they have?

Haru said...


The loose powder comes in 3 shades, Pearl, Nude and Ochre. Pearl is mainly shimmery without much color and looks like a pale beige in the pot. Nude is light beige with a bit of shimmer and Ochre is a darker beige. The pressed powder comes in only one shade.

Anonymous said...

i never got the pressed powder
please tell me if its good ^^

hope it works well for you too
i reallly like it!

Anonymous said...

So did you end up getting the Hanskin BB handcream? Review? The Kiss sets looks so pretty! I thought it should be ok to carry on board?

Haru said...

Nope, I didn't get the Hanskin one as I haven't tried BB creams before and thought I would jus try out the SINN one for now. The Narita airport doesn't allow liquids to be carried on board, if I recall correctly. Anyway I didn't have a ziplock baggie with me so didn't want to risk buying the set only to have it confiscated!