Saturday 5 December 2009

All About Paul & Joe (Book)

"Paul & Joe No Subete" (Everything about Paul & Joe) is a 96-page book (B5 format: 23.6 x 18 x 1.2 cm) that was just published in Japan in November. This is available only in Japanese and retails for 1890yen on Amazon Japan (which does ship internationally but at an exorbitant rate). Click here to peek inside the book on Amazon Japan.

The cover is a plain pink. The pic with the designer is part of the removable "obi" (Japanese-style sash) that is commonly wrapped around books sold in Japan. Chapter 1 is an in-depth feature on designer Sophie Albou, her family, the origins of the brand, favourite beauty products, vacation style, recent buys, favourite places in Paris, wardrobe choices for one week and home.

Chapter 2: My Love Item

Chapter 3 is "A/W 2009 Best Item Catalogue" while Chapter 4 "Paul & Joe Paris & World" showcases Paul & Joe boutiques around the world.

The book is more for hard-core Paul & Joe fans, as indicated by the book's subtitle "Long Keep Edition" and does not offer any exclusive scoops on upcoming collections. Too bad it's not a mook that comes with an accessory like a pouch or tote bag. The last Paul & Joe mook was published in October 2008 (you can read my earlier post on it here). I accidentally burnt a hole through some pages of my copy after leaving a candle on it for too long! If you have a local Japanese bookstore, you can try asking if they can order it for you. The ISBN number is listed on the Amazon Japan page. I'll be ordering my copy through my friend in Japan.

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