Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tokidoki Discoteca

I dropped by Play Imaginative again today to pick up my membership card. There are a few designs to choose from and of course I picked the Tokidoki one.

Also decided to get the last remaining Discoteca Serena bag. I usually go for larger bags that display the prints more comprehensively but this time, I decided to get a smaller tote that I can use every day.

This was one of the last prints to come with the rainbox zips.

I usually remove the Qees as I find them bothersome.

Bottom of the bag which has four gold "feet".

Some of my favourite characters!

The Play Imaginative staff are very friendly and helpful so I do highly recommend this shop. It's on the ground floor of Iluma just opposite Bugis Junction. They carry Tokidoki stationary, pillowcases, figures, watches and clothing in addition to the bags.


miss_waterlily said...

This is the only one that i have as well, finding it very useful for university XD

Unknown said...

oh my english teacher has the same one ^^ i wanted to know where she got it^^ from where does it come from?

Haru said...

Hi audrey,
The brand's creator, Simone Legno, started Tokidoki in Italy and then moved to Los Angeles where the brand is based now. You can check out their official website:

The bags are made in China.

Catherine said...

This bag is soooo cute!

. : * justine * : . said...

I keep the Qees on mostly because I have nowhere else to put them! I was on the bus once and a little girl in front of me kept trying to rip it off the bag... XD;

And I finally posted my own collection! It's a bit... massive. LOL.