Wednesday, 9 December 2009

InRed & Steady Jan '10

I picked up the January issues of InRed (S$20.20) and Steady (S$17.50) at Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) today. InRed comes with an aquagirl multi-case and Hello Kitty 2010 calendar while Steady comes with a Samantha Tiara multi-case and a Rirakkuma desk calendar.

Of the two mags, I would say Steady is the much better buy because both Samantha Tiara multi-case and Rirakkuma are very well-made and adorable.

This is Samantha Tiara's first ever collaboration item with a magazine. I was surprised by the quality as sometimes these magazine collaboration items can be flimsy or plasticky. But this is very cute, especially with the heart print and gold metal logo plate.

It is the perfect size for storing a bus/train pass or office pass and it has a slot for the pack of oil-blotting sheets.

The Rirakkuma calendar includes 7 sheets that are printed on both sides, so you just slide the sheets out the slot on the side and flip to the right month. The paper is of surprisingly good quality and feature designs from the new "Sweets Theme" collection.

In comparison, the Hello Kitty calendar appears more plain and bland.

Inside, there is a look at Hello Kitty designs from 1974 to 2009.

Back cover

The aquagirl case is twice the size of the Samantha Tiara case and can hold much more. The quality is pretty decent too, just not as cute as the Samantha Tiara case.

It has four metal stars studded on the cover.

Kino is currently also offering 20% storewide discount for all cardmembers until 27 December so it's even more worthwhile to pick these up now.


saltvinegar said...

i called up the taka branch at 3pm and it was all sold out :(

evie said...

argh! i didn't went to reserve the steady! i went kino today and they said soldout! T_T...btw can we use the kino member to buy stationaries and those diaries are they under discount too?..feel like applying for the member too! XD

Haru said...

I think Kino didn't bring in that many copies of Steady this time round, not sure why. Saw more copies of InRed than Steady on the Japanese book counter. But Kino always brings in a second shipment by sea, so you can check with them when it is coming in again.

The membership discount cannot be used for stationary, only books and magazines and DVDs.

evie said...

ooh ok thank you!

engeng said...

Haha.. Got my copy of InRed earlier. :D
Happy reading!!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks!Will be waiting for the next shipment either in malaysia or spore~