Wednesday, 30 December 2009

MAC Warm & Cosy

The MAC Warm & Cosy collection was released at Tangs Vivocity today. Due to a delay in shipment, not all of the items are in yet. Currently, the two Mineralize Skin Finishes, nail polishes, eyeshadows and shadesticks are available with the rest expected to arrive tomorrow.

I got both the Comfort and By Candlelight MSF (S$46 each), Blissed Out nail polish (S$19) and the Full Lash Curler (S$26). The four eyeshadows were a tad too boring for my taste as I'm not into neutrals. The shadesticks were more impressive with excellent color payoff and a shimmery finish.

By Candlelight is likely to be the more popular of the two MSFs in this collection. In the pan, it is mostly a pearl baby pink shot through with patches of light gold shimmer. On the skin, it shows up as mostly a pearl-like glow without much color.

Comfort has more of a gold tinge. Some reviews have said that it can show up a bit too orange, but applied with a light hand, I think it should still be wearable.

Blisshed Out is a lovely pink-toned beige and not too pale such that it appears washed out.


Megan said...

great haul! i def will pick up one of the shadesticks :)

AdorebeautySG said...

Hey dear, been anonymously reading your blog for the longest time. I hope you don't mind putting these nice images of yours in my blog. I creditted to you of course.

Anonymous said...

hii. is the MAC curler good? any recommend good curler???

Haru said...

the MAC curler works alright at first in producing a nice curl and lift to my lashes but I find that the curl doesn't seem to hold for very long. The Shu Uemura curler is very popular, especially among makeup artists, so you should check it out. It's a bit more expensive than the MAC one at S$32.